I have arrived

I’ve traveled long years to arrive here in your century. I fear I’ve been misguided.


Here is a place for me to tell you what I think, if I happen to actually choose to think. Please look at my work as it appears and enjoy it for what it is or could potentially mean to you. Thinking is sometimes dangerous, or maybe its just telling people what you think that can be dangerous. Sometimes (friends tell me quite often)¬†what I say I should have kept as a thought. Other times I wish I would have let my thoughts roll out and over whomever or whatever breaching and broaching feelings, subjects, concerns, quandries, questions, queries, facts, fictions, books, bullshit, backstabbers, shit talkers, money makers, takers, talkers, or whomever and whatever I choose to discuss, praise, chastise, lament, Lamont, Fred or Grady. Whatever the case may be, read if you want, don’t if you don’t.